"The objectives of our cricket academy are threefold: 
1. To deliver a program of high quality and enjoyable coaching experiences for young cricketers via a series of UK and overseas cricket camps. Cricket has to be fun! 
2. To provide regular online coaching tips from experienced players and coaches. Tips won’t be over technical and will focus on outcomes rather than kinaesthetics. 
3. To make available a series of online video skills sessions and suitable training aids to enable young players to develop their skills. 
Cricket has been in my family for years. I played cricket, my father played cricket, his father played cricket and his father before him. It’s in our blood. 
Over the years my family has produced players with a wide range of abilities, from local league cricketers to the world’s number one Test player. One thing we have all had in common is a great passion for the game. 
I started coaching my two boys from a very early age. I taught them the basics of cricket and tried to impress upon them how to play the game honestly and competitively and to express their natural individual talents. I'd like to share with you what worked for us and what didn't.  
I have always felt it important to promote the enjoyment of all aspects of the game and to engender a healthy, competitive spirit, to highlight how team performance is paramount and how the individual contributions of players contribute towards team objectives. 
I have always tried to teach an appreciation of excellence and to encourage the enjoyment of the success of fellow players. 
These are principles I’d like to invite young players to adopt via our sessions.  
Welcome to THE R66T ACADEMY.” 
Matt Root 


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