The R66T Academy Camps are a snapshot of the High Performance Program that is held in Australia between October - March. The program is under pinned by key R66T Academy philosophies to develop players: Making players uncomfortable, finding a way, and developing the person. 
The holistic approach to their development is critical, as many facets make up the improvement and progression of a player. 
The program is designed to give the player the ability to continue their development after the conclusion of the camp, by understanding the basic principles of learning, which involve a doing aspect, and a thinking aspect. 
The R66T Academy Camps are unique in that they offer all of the coaching and development aspects of a world class academy. 
Players will receive the same type of program that Elite players receive at the R66T Academy in Australia 
The Program covers all aspects of a cricketers development and improvement including: 
• Closed Skill and technique improvement- batting, bowling, fielding 
• Conditioning: 
• Speed & Agility 
• Bowler pre-habilitation 
• Functional movement and control 
• Recovery 
• Injury prevention 
• Nutrition 
• Mental Skills & Approach 
• Centre wicket training simulation (Battle Zone) 
• Tactics/Game Awareness 
• Open Skill development in competitive environment 
• Goal Setting 
• Daily Self Reflection 
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