The R66T Academy High Performance Program is designed to provide cricketers around the world with an opportunity to develop skills and character. The Residential program - which is split into two 10 week seasons - takes place in Adelaide, Australia, between October and March each year. 
It is the same program Joe Root attended in 2010, the year before he broke into the first-team at Yorkshire CCC. The rest, they say, is history! The second season of our 2023/24 program is currently underway, but we are now taking deposits for the next season, which will start in October 2024. 
So, with that in mind, here's 10 reasons to take part in our High Performance Program... 
1. Proven Program 
The R66T Academy High Performance Program is run by High Performance Director Shaun Seigert. The Australian coach has seen 34 International and 200+ First Class players progress from his program - including Joe Root! 
Our residential program has been running for the last 17 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. 
2. Unique Environment 
We believe our High Performance Program - and the environment we provide for our players - helps to shape and develop them as players, but also as people, too. Our coaches create unique programs and use differing techniques to teach players. 
No cricketer is the same, and understanding individual differences is our speciality. 
3. Leadership Program 
All of our players take part in a Leadership Program during their time in Adelaide. Cricket is, understandably, their main priority, but we work closely with the cohort to ensure they are developing as individuals. 
This underpins everything and is often a measure of exactly how much they get out of their ability. What they learn also helps them in life beyond cricket. 
4. Push Comfort Zones 
One of our High Performance philosophies is to push comfort zones. For us, it is a proven method and one of the main reasons Shaun has such a high success rate in terms of his graduates. 
At times, players will become uncomfortable, but they will always be able to speak to our expert team of coaches who will be with them every step of the way. Dealing with adversity and challenge are a crucial part of forming a person's character. 
5. Improve Mental Skills 
For cricketers, having a strong mind is incredibly important. It is critical if you are to perform when you step across the boundary rope. The R66T Academy High Performance Program includes sessions on mental toughness, throughout the players’ time in Australia. 
Alongside theory work, our players will have their mental skills tested and practised during training sessions in the nets, which is extremely rare in these types of environments. The higher you go, it is these skills that separate players. 
6. Train Matchplay 
There is nothing worse than coming away from a training session and questioning how it actually relates to your upcoming match. 
However, on our program, we actively train matchplay. This includes decision making, tactics, competitiveness and more. By doing this, training is more likely to transfer to the game. 
7. Work Like A Professional 
Simply playing club cricket is not enough to develop a player in Australia. In order to improve their game, players need to be training consistently and require volume. This is why our players train throughout the week - giving them the extra practice they need to work on their technical and crucial cognitive skills, as well as becoming fitter and stronger to become more athletic and resilient. 
Moreover, it also provides accountability. The players who want to get uncomfortable and gain that hard competitive edge will have the opportunity to do so, and more often than not, they are the ones who perform at their best. 
8. Conditions 
The environment in Australia is completely different and unique - from the conditions to the format of the game. 
As a result, players are challenged and forced to evolve their game - gaining a deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, which is key for players being able to adapt to different situations. 
9. Develop All Aspects Of Your Game 
We develop all aspects of players’ games - including their physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. 
This is vital to better understand their overall ability, and the more all of those aspects are trained, the more likely they are to transfer to a game and continue to improve, as opposed to stagnating. 
10. Become Self-Directed 
Our High Performance Program helps players become more self-directed, improve their problem solving skills and understand how that improvement needs to happen, which is a trait of highly successful cricketers, in order for them to keep developing. 

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