As the High Performance Program enters what is traditionally the hottest part of the summer in Australia, it is a key time for players to stay focused and keep challenging themselves to find improvement both in their cricket games, but also for them as people. Fitness testing was conducted upon their return from the Christmas break, in order to see how players presented themselves. 
While there were not any significant improvements across the playing group, there wasn’t any slippage either. It is important to see improvements next month, though. We also held a competition week across different aspects of training to find the top competitors and give the players a better idea of their ranking in the group. 
The Leadership Program is also a key part of the program, in order to identify and review players’ actions and behaviours. Players gave feedback to each other - both on what and who had been doing well, but also what needed to improve as a group and individuals. 
The thing about being in a program like this - where players get given lots of information - is to keep their game simple. While this sounds easy, it is extremely difficult. Challenging players highlights the importance of this, and it’s generally around this time of the summer that those conversations with players take place. 


Adam Chislett, from Durban in South Africa, has been impressive with his work ethic and effort in the R66T Academy High Performance Program in Adelaide, Australia. He is a top-order batting all-rounder for his club in the A1 Turf Competition. 
The 2023 UK season saw Adam play for Wimbledon Club, who operate in the Surrey Premier League. Moreover, he has also been a member of the Dolphins U19 squad that represents the KwaZulu Province in South Africa. 
The R66T Academy recently ran a competition week where points were awarded to players for different cricketing challenges - including bowling and fielding drills, fitness testing and loads more. 
Adam comfortably won that by 14 points, which reflected his performance across a range of key sessions held that week. He was also awarded points from fellow players following a review of the Leadership Course - based around the three values that underpin this year’s group. 
His effort, willingness to learn and consistency in behaviour has established him as a leader in the group. It has also helped him develop his cricket game, as the program enters the second half of the season. 


In the coming month, the players will have a couple of games against a few of the top schools in Adelaide. This will provide them with an extra opportunity to play and learn more about their game. 
Players will also do their second ‘Snakepit’ session to test their mental and physical abilities. In what is a brutal course, they will endure a more demanding session with an increase in circuits on the course. The Snakepit has become infamous with previous scholars because of the challenges it presents. 
February is a big month as it’s traditionally the hottest month of the summer, so for players, it’s a month they need to put their heads down and work hard, but also stay disciplined in their cricket. 


D.O.B? 21/05/2005 
Where do you live? London 
Current team? Kensington 
Teams represented? Middlesex U18, Gunnersbury, Sunrisers EPP 
Biggest goal? Play for England 
Career highlight? 100 for Middlsex U18 against Surrey 
Childhood hero? Jimmy Anderson 
Outside interests? Playing guitar, playing tennis 
Favourite food? TimTams 
Favourite music? Pop 
Biggest influence on career? My dad 
How did you find out about the High Performance Program? The coaches at school recommended it 
Where do you see yourself after the High Performance Program? Playing a summer of cricket in England 
What do you think are the benefits of the High Performance Program? High quality training and getting to experience a summer in Australia 
Why do you play cricket/why did you start? I play cricket because I really enjoy it, and I started because my best friend at school got me into playing it 
What’s the one thing you would like to do/see before you leave Australia? See a crocodile 
What do you like about Adelaide so far? The weather and the people 
How have you found the cricket? Challenging yet lots of fun 


Since arriving in Adelaide, I have been really looking forward to spending a summer overseas for the first time, playing for Prince Alfred College. Furthermore, to be part of the R66T Academy High Performance Program, I am looking to improve my cricket and return to England as a better player. 
Alongside learning new skills/life lessons - such as living away from home by myself for the first time - has helped me develop as a player, but also as a young man being 18-years-old. The weather is fantastic and different from where I come from in the North of England! 
After training for 11 weeks, I have already seen an improvement in my fitness, which was one of my main focuses when writing down my goals in the very first session back in October. For example, my 1.5km time has gone from 8 minutes 40 seconds, to 6 minutes 24 seconds in January. This shows the hard work I’ve put in to make this improvement. Having two conditioning sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, alongside gym on Mondays and Wednesdays, has been very beneficial to help achieve this. 
My bowling has become very consistent, practising four times a week with The R66T Academy and two times in the evenings with my club. I have enjoyed learning new skills and adapting to different game scenarios during practice at Campbelltown nets. This has shown its effect on Saturdays, taking more wickets in games and recently being given my A Grade debut - taking two wickets on my debut, which is something I can build on and look to help the team for the remainder of the season and help push for finals. 
During every R66T Academy session, I feel a great sense of togetherness from the group as we all push each other to our limits. Along with getting along with all the coaches, I learn a lot every session and make the most out of it by asking questions to expand on my knowledge. The coaches are always willing to pass on advice - whether it be one-on-one or as a group. 
I’ve enjoyed spending time exploring the city in my own time, and as a way to take my mind off cricket for a while as it can become quite intense. On our days off, we head to Glenelg Beach to really enjoy the hot weather and get into the water. I also had the opportunity to see Brian Lara whilst walking to the Adelaide Oval, which isn’t something that happens everyday! 
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