The final four weeks of the program are always a bit of a challenge as players can see the finish line in sight, however, there is still plenty of training throughout that period! There’s also the opportunity to continue improving with questions being asked of the players in training and in their games. 
The R66T Academy played a T20 game against Goodwood Club, which we won in a tight finish. Batting first, we made 116 before being bowled out on a difficult wicket that was low and slow. The top performer was Josh Sharratt with 53 runs, while Charlie Rogers made 23. In reply, Goodwood were bowled out for just 81. Charlie Moore, Indiana Jerram, Charlie Birch and Troy Henry each took two wickets. 
Fitness testing also took place earlier this month, which gave players a chance to see their improvement. In most cases, we saw players improve their times in running a two, on the back of the Strength & Conditioning Program moving into a power phase. Training continues to develop not only players skills but competitive attributes and mental skills where we focus on players' go-to plans. 


Seamus Nazir, a right-arm leg spinner from Bradford, Yorkshire, has worked his way into the A Grade at Prince Alfred Old Scholars Cricket Team, playing in the A2 Adelaide Turf competition. So far, he has taken 17 wickets at 20.18 with a best performance of 3/11 in the T20 competition. 
Seamus plays for Farsley CC in the Bradford league in the UK, having graduated from Bradford Grammar School, where he captained their first X1. 
He has undergone a total body transformation, dropping 10kg from when he began the program back in October. He has also developed his bowling and is now the main spinner for his club’s first XI in Australia. 
Having elevated himself from the club’s second XI in Adelaide through consistent performances during the season,it is a testament to his hard work in the development of his bowling, which has been helped by his massive improvement in his fitness. 


The 2023/24 High Performance Program ends on March 13, with players heading home and embarking on their own domestic seasons in many cases. 
The players will finish off with their clubs, albeit some are staying on to play in finals - which is always a great experience! 
Our group will finish up with their last Leadership Program review, which is significant in learning all the lessons that come out through the course of the program. Players' behaviours, actions and choices underpin their path that will enable them to get the best out of their ability. 
The ‘Snakepit’ will be one of the final sessions, where the players have to complete 10 circuits of the dreaded course. It is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. Players will see how much they have improved over the course of the summer, as 10 laps would have seemed impossible at the start of the program. 
Finally, upon finishing the program, players will have exit interviews to provide feedback on their experience on the R66T Academy High Performance Program. 


D.O.B? 26/08/2004 
Where do you live? Barbados 
Nickname? Gabemuh 
Current team? Prince Alfred Old Collegians Cricket Club 
Teams represented? Carlton Cricket Club, Queens College School, Malvern College, Barnard’s Green Cricket Club, Bredon Cricket Club 
Biggest goal? Become a professional cricketer 
Career highlight? Taking my first 5-wicket haul in my first summer in England 
Childhood Hero? Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara 
Outside Interests? Golf, Music, Beach days 
Favourite food? Sushi 
Favourite music? Rap/Soca 
Biggest influence on career? My dad 
Where do you see yourself after the High Performance Program? I see myself having a better mentality and a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses 
What do you think are the benefits of the High Performance Program? The R66T Academy focuses more on the mental side of cricket and forces you to have a clearer plan on what you are trying to achieve during a training session rather than just showing up and playing aimlessly. It also allows you to have an enjoyable experience with constant competitions with your peers 
Why do you play cricket/why did you start? From as early as I can remember I’ve had a cricket bat and ball in my hands. I’ve grown from the age of 2 to have an immense love for the game and I’ve always been supported by my family who constantly support and encourage me to chase my dreams 
What's the one thing you would like to do/see before you leave Australia? I’d like to see the Sydney Opera House 
What do you like about Adelaide so far? The people are very friendly and a joy to be around. Additionally, it is very easy to travel around and has nice weather. 
How have you found the cricket? The cricket has been very enjoyable and a different experience to what I am used to playing. 


During my time on the High Performance Program in Adelaide, I have been working under the guidance of Head Coach Shaun Seigert.  
Our schedule consists of 10-15 sessions per week, including fielding drills, technical practice, intense net sessions and a full strength and conditioning programme to prepare us for the physical demands of playing cricket in hot, Australian conditions. 
These sessions are organised throughout the week to prepare us for the matches scheduled every Saturday, with Sundays designated as rest days, allowing us to recover after a demanding week of training and competition. Through these sessions, across the course of the academy, I have noticed subtle improvements, both mentally and technically that have made a big impact on my game. One of the most notable impacts has been through improving my throwing technique, allowing me to throw the ball faster, which has helped me complete two run outs in the second half of the academy. 
There was a high emphasis on the mental side of the game, which often goes under looked at club level. Participating in the mental skills sessions has completely changed the way I think about cricket and has improved my ability to formulate plans to score runs with low risk and get batters out. 
Participating in competitive grade cricket as part of a club structure has been a significant highlight. Representing Ingle Farm District Cricket Club, I’ve had the privilege of playing alongside skilled teammates and competing at a high standard. At the end of the season, I finished with 20 wickets at an average of 15.6 for Ingle Farm. 
Outside of cricket, The R66T Academy has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, both in the academy itself and at the club I am playing for. Both environments have been very welcoming, while still being competitive, which has been great for me to develop my skills. 
Overall, my experience on the High Performance Program has been extremely positive. The combination of elite coaching, structured training programs, and competitive opportunities has accelerated my growth as a cricketer. I'm immensely grateful for this opportunity and recognise the profound impact it's had on my development, both on and off the field. 


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